What is Country Cardio®?

This is a fun class for adults, teens, and kids. In case you haven’t heard, Country’s gone mainstream with dance and pop rhythms that set the mood for moves that’ll bring a smile to your face. Country Cardio® is full body dance exercise that incorporates the use of hats and flex ropes to further stimulate and tone the body’s core, arms, legs. The fact that the workout is done to Country pop music ups the fun factor, making it a less threatening workout for those who shy from group classes.

What is Country Cardio® with Ropes?

You may have worked with flex tubing or what I call, "Ropes" at some point in your life. Perhaps you used them in a physical therapy session? They are surprising resistance training tools that can mirror working with weights in terms of how your body responds to them. This class utilizes that principle to improve muscle definition and strength, and cardio kicks in by using Flex Ropes with simple Signature Steps set to Country pop music.  

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