How to Dance with Miss Kale at the Salad Ball

Begin by introducing Miss Kale to her partners:

Mr. Arugula - Peppery. But compliments her nicely.

Mr. Parsley - Very Distinctive. Keep him under control.

Mr. Poblano - A Little Hot. Surprises everyone with a mean mambo.

Mr. Carrot - Sweet. Can always count on him to lift the mood.

Miss Kale's Dance Partners: Arugula, Parsley, Poblano Pepper, Carrot

And don't forget Miss Kale's BFF:

Miss Dried Cherry - Super Sweet and a Little Tart. It's not her fault she stands out in an crowd. (FYI: Her sister, Miss Cranberry is usually free on a Friday night.)

Adding Miss Cherry to the Mix

Ms. Celery - Strong and True. She's the chaperone.

Ms. Celery Makes Her Mark

Mr. Toasty Pecan - Smooth and Addicting. He's the Prince Charming Miss Kale's been waiting for.

Getting Mr. Toasty Pecan Ready to Meet Miss Kale


Do not add oil to toast pecans. Keep the temperature at medium or less. Watch and toss often. As soon as the edges begin to brown, the entire batch will move quickly toward browning and then burning. Increase tossing and remove from the heat as the majority begin to turn. They will continue to cook in the hot skillet for a few minutes after removing it from the heat source. If yours are closer to burning, get them out of the skillet and onto a cool baking sheet.

And Miss Kale? Always one to make an entrance:

How Miss Kale Strips

Mixed Ingredients keep well in a covered container in the fridge.


Add your favorite salad dressing just before serving. I like a lot of olive oil, a pinch of two of course salt, and just a dab of rice vinegar.



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