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If you’ve taken my Country Cardio® with Ropes or any of my Flex Ropes Fitness classes, you know what it means to work in intervals and with resistance. And the way I use Flex Ropes is unique and extremely functional. Our formats alternate between a period of moderate/high intensity cardiovascular exercise (you go as high/hard as you can), followed by a period of low/moderate exercise, when we recover normal breathing. This method allows us to work maximize our "push" for a longer period. 

Compare this idea to working full-out at high intensity for an entire class. Which method seems to make more sense to you? Are you completely spent at the end of workout or do you feel energized and strong? What’s the pay-off? High intensity-moderate intensity interval work has a way of boosting calorie burn. AFTER it’s over, as the body continues to consume oxygen as it returns to the pre-exercise state. And what about resistance? 

Resistance, working against a force - ourselves, gravity, and our Flex Ropes - increases strength and endurance. Since we are performing compound resistance exercises - using large muscle groups along with smaller assisting muscles - we are adding to our calorie burning efforts!

Flex Ropes Fitness formats offer variety in movement and music styles, resistance in the form of Flex Ropes, your own body, and of course, our ever-present friend, gravity. We "play" with intervals - pushing & pulling back our effort to maximize our cardiovascular training and build our overall stamina, incorporating active rest and stretching to round out the edges. 

With so many cardio formats available in the fitness marketplace today, it's a great opportunity to participate in many class offerings. Which resonate with your goals, energy, and desire to continue? Check in with yourself and don't be afraid to mix it up and try different formats.

Keep it Fun & Keep your Form! Good words to live by.

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