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What's the new story little bird?

This year I am beginning to embrace the perspective of life happening for me and not to me. Last year was especially rough and challenges are ahead, but to have found grace as Lady Heather Lea through drawing, watercolor, flower crafts and wreath-making was a gift ... I even tested a yummy organic oatmeal cookie recipe! Although they may seem like idle activities, hand-to-God's-ear, they were simply my therapy. Grateful to be dancing and teaching, I want to do more of both this year! And to those beautiful humans who jumped in to help, sent cards and gifts, talked and listened, you are my true friends. I love you for being fearless and being real.

Here's a teaser of a fun gig I worked on for the Season 2 Opener of Disjointed on Netflix! I'm in the light blue dress! Now you know so you can pick me out of our awesome group! 

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